Since 1922 we have been devoting our efforts to medical practice and research on thyroid diseases.

Guide to hospital admission

Registration for hosptial admission

  1. We do not accept emergency admissions without a special referral unless the patient has manifested serious side affects while receiving drug therapy at our hospital.
  2. Admission is decided after consultation with a doctor in the consultation room. The purpose of admission, expected duration and therapies vary by conditions, and the doctor will give an estimate of the duration according to diagnosis before admission.
  3. In our administration office, patients can talk to a member of the staff about the overview of hospitalization cost, how to apply for financial assistance for high medical charges, and request for a special room.
  4. If you need to change the date of admission due to sudden commitments, please consult with your doctor as soon as possible. When doing so, you will need your medical record number. Please have your patient registration card ready and call the switchboard.
    Tel: +81-977-21-2151(switchboard)
  5. Admission for treatment that requires hospitalization is possible at anytime so long as there is room vacancy.
  6. Patients can also be admitted for tests only.

On the day of admission

On the day of admission, please bring your admission ticket, admission agreement, followup agreement, insurance certificate, patient registration card, special room request form and hospital gown request form (if desired), the medication you are currently taking and its documentation (prescription record book, etc.), and come to hospital by 11:00.

*The admission agreement for those being admitted as a new patient is filled out when the patient visits the hospital.

*If the patient cannot arrive at hospital on the designated time due to traffic conditions, contact the doctor or a staff in charge of admissions.

*If the patient is scheduled for surgery on the day after admission, please arrive by 10:00.

Cost of medical care

  1. 30% of the cost of medical care is paid by the policyholder of the social insurance (patient), non-working dependant of the social insurance (family member), national health insurance and retiree insurance. In some cases of national health insurance, 20% of the cost of medical care is paid. Out-ofpocket medical cost for the elderly aged between 70 and 74, and the elderly aged over 75 is 10 to 30% (the percentage changed according to income). Those without health insurance bear the full expenses.
  2. Patient’s expenditure for meals is ¥260 per meal. If the patient submits a “Reduced Contribution Certificate” at admission, the cost will be ¥210 or ¥100 per meal depending upon the classification.
  3. The cost of medical care is calculated monthly on the last day of the month. Payments must be made within a week of receiving the bill at the cashier on the 1st floor. If the patient is being discharged, please settle the bill on the day of discharge.

The ratio of the amount borne is subject to change in accordance with revisions made to the medical insurance system.

Request for documents

  1. Before the patient is discharged, please ask the nurse for any document the patient requires for making insurance claims such as the admission certificate (doctor’s certificate), documents regarding invalidity benefits, and the written response to referral. If documents are not ready on the day of discharge, we will post them to you at a later date. Please be advised that it may take between one and two weeks for posting.
  2. If the patient requires a doctor’s certificate issued by the hospital, please ask the nurse for a form.

Things to bring for a hospital stay

  1. Please keep your personal belongings for your hospital stay to the absolute essentials.
    Underwear, sleepwear, change of clothes, wash bowl, toiletries, chopsticks, tea cup and slippers.
  2. Those having surgery are advised to bring the following in addition to the list of items above.
    Feeding cup, 3 hand towels, 2 bath towels, front-opening sleepwear and hairnet for long or medium hair.
    *Front-opening sleepwear can be rented for ¥179 per set.
  3. Personal belongings must be labelled.
  4. There is a kiosk on the 2nd floor.
    Hours Monday to Friday, 08:00 – 1
    Hours Monday to Friday, 08:00 – 16:00 Saturdays, 08:00 – 14:00


  1. The meals for inpatients are specially prepared by a dietician. Please follow doctor’s orders and refrain from bringing food into the hospital.
  2. Certain foods must not be consumed for treatment and test reasons. Please refrain from consuming foods other than those prepared by the hospital.
  3. As a general rule, meals on the day of admission are served starting at lunchtime.


  1. As a general rule, a patient does not require a chaperon. Please speak to a member of the staff if the patient wishes to have one.
  2. The hospital does not provide meals for chaperons.

Outings and overnight stays

  1. Outings and overnight stays are not possible in some cases of illness.
  2. If the patient wishes to go out or stay overnight outside of the hospital, please get permission from the doctor, fill out the form and hand it to the nurse. Unauthorized outings and overnight stays may result in compulsory discharge. In the case when patients have a pressing need to stay outside of hospital after going through the prescribed process, they are advised to take extra care over their conditions, and take precautions against getting involved in accidents. Be sure to call the hospital if the patient is to be late for their scheduled return time. Please also be advised that we cannot be held responsible for accidents that happen while the patient is on an outing.
  3. Please also note that if the patient goes out unauthorized and their whereabouts is unknown, we may ask the police to make a search.


Be sure to check the locations of the emergency exit.
The emergency exit automatically unlocks when the fire alarms set off. Open the door to escape.

Visitors and telephone calls

  1. Visitor hours:
    • Monday to Saturday, 13:00 to 19:30.
    • Sundays, national holidays and on days when the hospital is closed, 09:00 to 19:30.
      All doors are locked for security between 20:00 and 07:00. If you need access in and out of hospital, please follow the instructions given by the nurse.
      *Visitors must fill out the Visitor Book at reception counter on the 1st floor and carry a Ward Access Card.
      *It is strictly prohibited to eat, drink, talk loudly and sleep overnight in our hospital rooms.
  2. Telephone calls: 10:30 – 21:00

Procedures for a normal discharge

  1. In the case of a normal discharge, the doctor carries out a physical examination and confirms the discharge on the day before the discharge occurs.
  2. In the case of patients referred to us from other medical institutions, a medical examination report stating the primary diagnosis made by us, treatments carried out and results will be sent to the doctor who made the referral.